Castrated male slaves tumblr
  • Castrated male slaves tumblr

    . All My collared slaves are branded one way or another (hubby has a piercing in his frenum, another one has a pet microchip, two others have cigarette burns and one of these two has a permanent marker branding that has to be renewed every 2-3 days). Can I use your art, photography? Each story and vignette on Femdomocracy starts with an image. The more raw material I find, the more work that will appear here. Dear Forced Womanhood, Ever since high school I used to make-up my date’s face if he fell asleep. Most boys took it as a joke,. Castration Stories. Female supremacy stories about superior women who castrate men to reduce their libido, humiliate them and force males to be sexually impotent. Female Supremacist, male Trainer, Femdom clips Producer, Fetish Model and Owner of the House of Sinn. In the over 13 centuries of the Arab slave trade in Africa unknown number of Africans were enslaved and shipped to the Middle East. It is claimed that a vast majority of the male black slaves, estimated at around 80%, were castrated. In the 1600s and the 1800s over 1,25 million British and European citizens were captured by North African slave traders and taken in chains to the great slave markets of Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli and Morocco. The Norse viewed people as falling into two camps: the able-bodied (typically men, but also the odd exceptional woman) and everyone else, including most women, TEENren, and slaves. All inferior males should be required to have a penectomy. It is the ultimate form of enforced male chastity. Should white men be in a chastity cage or be castrated? I have a small dick and my wife and I have discussed caging me or castrating me. We have talked to a..