Mexican drug cartel execution videos
  • Mexican drug cartel execution videos

    Jun 3, 2012 . The video then cuts to a brief footage in which the sicarios are leaving the executed body of the man in the bush, but one returns to it and pops a couple. It's also pretty obvious that Mexican drug cartel enjoy and make good use of all those modern weapons provided to them by the US Bureau of Alcohol . Dec 4, 2017 . DRUG cartels are beheading their rivals and sharing videos online as they adopt ISIS tactics in the cocaine war wth the US.. Earlier this year, a location scout for Netflix drama Narcos was killed in a suspected cartel attack in Mexico. Drug cartel htiman PH. HITMEN: The young man executed (pictured) is . Feb 6, 2018 . Brutal and merciless, the video is nevertheless deliberate and has been supplied to along with another video of a drug execution in Mexico. This is too cruel and bloody to watch, but the message is the same. The drug cartels of Venezuela and Mexico TEENnap their rivals, torture them, execute . Feb 6, 2018 . It is virtually impossible to watch the rest of the video, seen by, but it has been described as an execution by a drug cartel. These violent gangs operating out of both Venezuela and Mexico TEENnap their rivals, torture them, execute them and record their actions as a warning. The young boy . Mexican cartel execute a a taxi driver who work for rival cartel. MA. 9 Mexican cartel execute a a taxi driver who .. In Mexico , a man was executed by mexican drug cartel.. we do not know.. By: Sentynelle (252.30). Video of the February 10, 2016 riot at Topo Chico Prison in Monterrey.. By: sakb (14751.00) | Leaked: . The Mexican Drug War - a sustained, violent conflict between powerful drug cartels and the Mexican government - has claimed an estimated 164000 lives over the.. In the annals of disturbing execution videos on the Internet, a recent contender [**warning: extremely graphic content**] is vying for the position of most awful . Nov 12, 2016 . Mexican Terrorist Cartel Beheads 4 Women In Message To America, Los Zetas Decapitan Cabezas. The story behind this video is that the young guy was a smuggler for the Zeta drug cartel, he was captured by rivals and before being executed he gave away his mother's business address in which she .. Video from Mexico shows the drug cartel Los Zetas executing a man by beheading. The long and butchered beheading seems to have been carried out with a dull meat cleaver. In a single year, the cartel suffered a 40 percent drop in marijuana sales, representing billions of dollars. Mexican marijuana became an almost worthless product. This is a horrific execution video, that begins with a man alive and tied. His torture begins with fingers being sliced from his hand and then decapitated live. Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more. See world news photos and videos at More than 60,000 people have been killed from 2006 to 2012 due to drug-related violence, during former Mexican President Felipe Calderon's six-year administration, according to Human Rights Watch. What you are about to read should shock the living daylights out of you. The U.S. government purposely armed Mexican drug cartels with thousands of guns and then ordered agents not to follow the weapons across the border. Video from Mexico from the assassins from Los Zetas drug cartel executing a captured man. During the attempt at decapitation, the Zetas act borderline retarded. (CNN)Here's some background information about Operation Fast and Furious. From 2009-2011, the Phoenix Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), along with other partners, allowed illegal gun sales in order to track the sellers and purchasers, who were believed to be connected to Mexican drug cartels. El Blog Del Narco released a new video of Mexican drug cartel execution. In the video, a woman on her knees is interrogated while a duo of masked gunmen point their rifles at her head. Mexican drug cartel execution videos are the very peak of the mountain of gore. The brutality and cold-bloodedness of their executions and torture methods are always at the most extreme side of things and remain unrivalled anywhere in the world.. Join the web’s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads. Video bekijken  · Warning - thread Mexican cartel execute a a taxi driver who work for rival cartel might contain content that is not suitable for. 'Mexican cartel execution'. In Mexico , a man was executed by mexican drug cartel.. we do not know.. By:. Liveleak on Facebook. 27-4-2014  · Want music and videos with. Find out why Close. mexican drug cartel interrogates stripper before execution. MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL HIT IN CREEL. Mexican Army Shootout with Drug Cartel 3 thumb_up. Mexican Army Tortures Drug Dealer videos, and content featured. READ The Most Brutal Execution Methods Used By Mexican confirms 43 students were murdered by Mexican drug cartel. " execution videos on. A newly surfaced video shows a new level of savagery by Mexican drug cartel members, as they strap sticks of dynamite to a TEEN and to one of their rivals, only to. 24-2-2015  · As the Gulf Cartel continues their almost month long internal war that has turned various Mexican cities into warzones, a series of gruesome executions and. 23-2-2013  · Zetas and CDG: Execution Videos. The cartel members all dont hear is how much the mexican goverment is spending on the drug war. the US. 13-11-2016  · The Execution of Los Zetas Drug Cartel | Los Zetas Documentary. From High School Star to Mexican Drug Cartel. Popular Videos - Mexican Drug War.